General terms  and conditions of Glasbeni center Černe-Avbelj online store:


General terms of Glasbeni center Černe-Avbelj online store which is owned and managed by company NAGP d.o.o. registered in Slovenia are written in compliance with "Zakon o varstvu potrošnikov" (consumer protection act), reccomendation of slovenian Chamber of commerce (GZS) and internationald codifications for e-commerce. 

Glasbeni center Černe-Avbelj is an informational system for presentation and sales of the products to the end customer. It is owned and managed by company NAGP d.o.o., registered in Slovenia. 

Client is a person who uses our informational system, buyer in the online store. When registrating to online store the client gets his own username, which is the same as his e-mail address and is chosen by the client and a password. The username and password identify the client and connect him with the imported or chosen information or actions in the online store. After the registration the client becomes a user and gets the right to buy. General terms regulate operation of Glasbeni center Černe-Avbelj online store, client rights and the business relation between NAGP d.o.o. and the client.

Access to information
NAGP d.o.o. will always present to the client the following information: company identity, contact addresses, essential product characteristics, product accessibility, terms of delivery, exact prices, payment and delivery options, binding time of the offer, time when it is still possible to cancel the contract and all the cancellation terms and clearly dictated application process with all the information abot customer service. 

Payment options
In Glasbeni center Černe Avbelj  online store it is possible to pay with:
- Money transfer in the basis of pro forma invoice


NAGP d.o.o. makes an invoice on asting medium with clearly dictated costs and all the instruction how to cancel the order and return the products if this is neccessary and possible.
The order which constitutes the buying contract is saved in the electronic form on the server of NAGP d.o.o and is availible to the customer in his user profile (My profile).

Time of binding offer
The presented prices are final and are relavant only at ordering via internet. Price deviations between online store prices and prices in other stores are possible. Prices are relavant in the case of payment with above presented payment options and in the basis of above presented payment terms. All prices include slovenian VAT (DDV) except if it is explicitly written differently. All though we put a lot of effort to assure the exact prices and product informations it is possible that price information is wrong or false. In this case NAGP d.o.o. will offer to the client the cancellation of order and in the same time present the customer with a solution which is acceptable for both parties.  If the product is not on stock, price change is possible. NAGP d.o.o. will notify the customer about such changes. Product photographies could be simbolic and do not always completely represent the actual state. 

Action offer 
Action offer times are written at the action offer and can differentiate.

Buying process
1. After confirming the order buyer gets an e-mail with information about his order. At this stage the buyer has 1 hour time to cancel his order. Buyer can always access all the information about status and content of his order on online store.
2. If the buyer does not cancel the order within 1 hour after confirming it the order is  confirmed. It is processed by the NAGP d.o.o. . When NAGP d.o.o. checks the order, checks the stock or the possible ordering of the products   it confirms the order or denies the order with an explanation. NAGP can contact the buyer to his contact information in order to ensure the order is processed correctly and according to the buyers needs. When the products are not on stock in the central warehouse NAGP d.o.o. is dependend on the supplier and the time in which he can supply the products to the NAGP d.o.o. NAGP d.o.o. notifies the buyer about new information regarding the delivery time vie e-mail. If the delivery time is very long and the buyer does not want to wait, buyer can notify about this NAGP d.o.o. who will cancel the order and return any already paid money. Buyer can decide if he will use this possibility for only one product or all the products in the order.NAGP d.o.o. takes no responsibility for damages which would be a consequence of longer delivery times or non-delivery of the products which are not on stock in central warehouse of teh NAGP d.o.o. 
3. NAGP d.o.o. prepares the products, ships them to the buyer and notifies him about that via e-mail. He notifies the buyer with the return policy and what to do in the case of delivery delay or application.

Cancellation policy, return policy
Buyer can in 15 days after receiving the product in writing notifies NAGP d.o.o. that he wants to cancel the order and return the products. He needs to send the appeal to the following e-mail address: He needs to return the products within 30 days of written notification about cancellation on his own costs. All the products need to be unused and undamaged, with attached copy of the order. All costs regarding returning the products are buyers costs.  NAGP d.o.o. returns the buyer the complete sales price including delivery costs within 30 days after receiving the notification about cancellation (appeal) from the buyer.

All the products in Glasbeni center Černe-Avbelj online store are bound to warranty terms in compliance with slovenian laws.

Delivery time
Delivery times are written in the number of working days from the day of receiving the payment for the order except in cases where it is explicitly written differently.

NAGP d.o.o. needs to deliver the products in promised time. Products for Glasbeni center Černe Avbelj are delivered by Pošta Slovenije, DHL, PDP and TNT.


Information safety
NAGP d.o.o. uses adequate technological and organisational sources for protection of transfer and use of the personal information, orders and payments. , bod

NAGP d.o.o. commits to long term protection of all personal information in compliance with Zakon o varstvu osebnih podatkov (Ur. list RS št. 86/2004), Zakon o zavarovalništvu and other european personal information protection rules. All information received from Glasbeni center Černe Avbelj online store will be used exclusively for the promotional activity, offers, invoices, fro forma invoices and other neccessary communication.

Promotional communications need to be clearly and unequivocally marked as promotional messages. The sender needs to be clear. User can always demand that NAGP d.o.o. no longer sends him the promotional messages (unsubscribe). NAGP d.o.o. will unconditionally respect this.

Release of the responibility
NAGP d.o.o. by the highest efforts try to assure the updating and correctness of the information which is presented on the online store. However the product characteristics, supply, delivery times, price change so quickly that he can not correct the information in the online store. In this case NAGP d.o.o. will inform the buyer about the changes and offer him the cancellation or change of the order. All photographies are simbolic and do not assure the cahracteristics of the products. We do not hold responsible for the text mistakes or translation mistakes. 

Appeals and disputes
NAGP d.o.o. works in compliance with binding laws bout consumer protection. All appeals or reclamations can be send via e-mail to or by classical mail to:
Nagp d.o.o., Kališnikov trg 9, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija.

NAGP d.o.o. must in 5 days after receiving the appeal confirm that it received the appeal and respond to the user how long it will take to process the appeal and notify the use about the procedure. NAGP d.o.o. spares no effort to try to solve the disputes in mutual interest and peacefully. 

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