Order process:


1. Finding your product


You can find the products in two ways:

1. 1. By searching with our browser - Type the product name, description, product code or other product information and the browser will scan the whole online shop for the information you have entered. 


1. 2. By manually browsing through our online store navigation - You will find the main categories on the menu site "Online shop". Each category has many subcategories and sub-subcategories where you can find specialised products for each category.


If your search still results in (too) many products, you can sort them by price (from the highest to the lowest or from the lowest to the highest)  or by title (alphabetially).


You can also filter the products by price filter - you will be shown only the products which are in the price range you set up.



2. Adding your product to the cart


By clicking on your chosen product you will open the product page. There you will find all availible information about the product including product code, price, short description, long description, shipping prices and availible photos or videos. If you need any additional information please contact us on info@cerne-avbelj.com or use "Ask about the product" service which is located above product price.

You will add your product to the cart with clicking to "Add to cart" button. Next to the buton you will find a space where you can specify the number of the products you want to add to the cart. 




3. Cart prewiev


In the "Cart preview" section you can:

- Regulate the desired amount of every product;

- Add notes to invidual products;

- Delete products from the cart;

- Go back to store to search for additional products;

- Proceed to the next section where you import your billing and shipping information;



4. Payment and delivery section


In "Payment and delivery" section you need to:

- Choose the desired delivery type and payment method;

- Import your billing information and delivery information;


Some of the fields might be mandatory to rproceed.


In this section you can see the final calculated cost of your order with VAT amount and shipping costs.

In the field "Enter discount code" you can enter a potential discount code. If the code is valid, your final order cost will be recalculated with the click on the "Use the code" button. 


From this web site you can go back to preview cart or you can proceed to the "Order submisson" page.


5. Order submission


On this page you can reviewall the information you have entered so far. Yo will see your billing and shipping information, total price with special discount and VAT specifications, your selected delivery type and your selected payment method.


If all the information is correct you can confirm the order or you can return to the online store.

By confirming the order your buying process is finished and your order sent to us.

Before you confirm the order you need to accept our general terms and conditions.




6. Order completed


When you confirm your order you will be transfered to the "Order completed" web site.

Here you can once again see all the details of your order. 

From this page you can also print your online order sheet which will automatically be sent to you via E-mail.

On the online order sheet you will find all the payment information.


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